Why Rent an RV from a Private Owner
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Why Rent a Private RV

Probably the best reason is: You won't be driving a billboard down the road

Seriously, many privately owned RV's just want help making their payments. They are serving a corporate board of directors demanding P&L statement. They can be more flexible with their schedules, pricing and just every day dealings.
Corporate RV's are usually maintained pretty well but they are also kind of generic.

Corporate rentals are 'No Frills'.

Private owners usually include many of the necessities that corporate fleets will charge for. Folding chairs, on board dvd's, towels, blankets, and anything else they can think of to make a profit.
Private owners actually use their RVs. If anything breaks they will know about it and it'll be fixed


Renting from a private owner means service NOW. Not when we get around to it.
Private owners pick and choose who rents their motorhome, They have a right to refuse service to anyone not meeting their demands.

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