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Info About Peer to Peer, Privately Owned or RV Sharing Services.


Peer to peer RV Rental sites have sprung up over the last few years and we've found some to be better than others. In fact, some are legit and some are get rich quick schemes. We've investigated many of them and found what be live to be the best. The problem we've found with some of these services is that they are created by computer programmers that are great at programming fancy sites but have NO knowledge of RV rentals. And the services that are actually engaging in renting RV's are providing much better services and extending the necessary knowledge to their members that can help and protect them from serious liability. As LuckyRV.com say's 'The best way to avoid being held liable for negligence with an RV rentals is... To Not Be Negligent'.

... As you might have guessed, we consider LuckyRV.com to be our number one pick....

RVShare and OutDoorsy are fighting it out for position number two but they are way behind Lucky. Todd Anderson, owner of LuckyRV has been renting RV's for 8 years at the time of this writing. He say's: 'There are tips and tricks we can offer owners that you can only learn with experience', 'Our free rental school will teach you what you need to know to make your rental business and profitable success'. OutDoorsy and RVShare offer insurance with their service but Todd say's 'Normally, you get what you pay for but in this case you are being over charged for this insurance that only favors the insurance company',

'They are charging 25% of your rental for using their service which can amount to $1000 on a $4000 rental',

'We charge as low as 7.5% which would be $300. Making you an extra $700. That's enough to pay for insurance for the rest of your life'. They have commercial insurance companies that will insure your RV better than the 'Included Insurance' offered with the other services. One of those services demands that you have the tires inspected before every rental. That means: pulling or driving your RV to a tire shop for an inspection every week and if this is not done, the so called 'Free' insurance isn't going to 'pay' if there is a claim. This is a problem.

You get what you pay for... in most cases.


RV Share has the largest selection of rentals as they have thrown a lot of money at this market but we recommend being EXTREMELY CAREFUL IF YOU USE THIS SERVICE. Some questions you need to ask the owner of any RV is: - 'How old are your tires?' The government recommends not using tires older than 6 years old. LuckyRV recommends that tires be not any older than 5 years old and they will list this age on the listing for an RV.

- 'How old are the batteries?' ...

You don't want to get in the wilderness to find your batteries can't hold a charge. But the age of a battery can't determine it's ability to hold a charge. If the batteries were un charged and frozen, they're going to be bad. A better question to ask would be: -'When was it last used?' and 'Were there any issues?' If they hesitate, you should hesitate. Many of these RV owners really don't know what they are doing. if you want to test the owner to find out if they are experienced RV's ask them some questions like: -'Is the onboard charger, Automatic?' or 'What voltage does the onboard charger shut off at?' According to LuckyRV the the answers should be Yes and 13.6 volts respectively. If the owner answers these questions correctly, you can be sure your RV Rental is going to be maintained sufficiently.

Moral of the story! Choose your RV Rental Service Wisely

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